Jul. 2. Assyria Threatens Judah

II Kin. 18:13-37; II Chron. 32:1-19; Is. 36:1-22

Fourteen years after Hezekiah had become king of Judah, Sennacherib, king of Assyria became a serious threat to Judah. He moved in and took the fortified cities. Hezekiah, in an attempt to pacify Assyria made an enormous gift to their king. He also improved the security around Jerusalem and made additional weapons and shields for his army. However, that did not keep Sennacherib from continuing his threat to Judah. He sent his chief officers to intimidate the Judeans into submission to his might.

The chief officer of the Assyrian army pointed out to Hezekiah’s officers the weakness of Judah’s alliance with Egypt and the failure of the gods of other nations to protect them against the mighty Assyria. He was correct in those assumptions. BUT when he belittled the power of the Lord God, he made a huge mistake.

(One of the greatest hindrances facing the church today is the view that people outside of the church see in false religions found in the world. As the gods of Hezekiah’s era were unable to protect their nations from Assyria, the false religions today fail to provide the way of salvation from a world of sin. Scoffers, as well as honest people see the destruction and heartache caused by the followers of those religions and mistakenly judge the Lord’s church as being a part of that corrupt system. They also see immorality and corruption in the lives of people professing to be Christians and judge the church by them instead of recognizing true Christians by the Scriptures.)