Jul. 23. God’s Judgment Is Just

Jer. 5:1-6:30

God declared to Jeremiah that if he could find anyone who sought truth, He would pardon them. He was longsuffering and wishing that He could spare Judah. The prophet observed that the common people had refused to hear his words. He then pointed out that their leaders who should have known God’s way had also turned their backs on Him. Because they had forsaken the Lord, He informed the people of His fierce judgment upon them. The Babylonians were portrayed as wild beasts attacking and destroying their prey. Man may choose to ignore truth and obey a lie; however, that does not change the truth. Truth never changes.

Even though the destruction of Judah would be intense, God would not completely destroy the nation. There would be a remnant preserved to provide an avenue for the coming of His Son hundreds of years later.

As Jeremiah continued expressing warnings from God, he specifically mentioned Jerusalem and Benjamin. Benjamin was a part of Judah and Jerusalem. He described the disaster that would come from the north. With all of the warnings and details of their impending punishment from God, the people continued to ignore Jeremiah. God still would have spared them if they would have repented. They stated that they would not walk in “the old paths” nor listen to the warnings of the watchman’s trumpet. In the end, “People will call them rejected silver, Because the Lord has rejected them.”