Jul. 24. Letter Ends with Warnings Against Idleness

II Thes. 2:13-3:18

As Paul began to conclude his letter, he stressed the importance of continuing to observe the things that he had taught them in person and by letter. He then called for divine comfort and support for the Thessalonians as they continued in their work for the Lord.

Paul had shown his love and support of the Thessalonian church in his admonitions to them. He now asked them to support him in their prayers that others might receive the word as they had.

There were still those in Corinth who opposed Paul in his work. He expressed confidence in the Thessalonians that they would remain faithful to the commands, which he had taught them.

After praising the Thessalonians, Paul addressed a problem of some of their individual members. There are those who for some reason, feel that the world owes them a living. They are too proud to work. Some of these people were in the Thessalonian church. Instead of working, they were busy minding the business of others.

As an apostle, Paul had the right to expect support from the churches. He chose to set an example for them by working night and day to not be a financial burden on them.

Paul was so adamant in this practice that he taught that a person who would not work should not eat. He commanded the Thessalonians to withdraw from and not to associate with those who walked disorderly in that regard.

Even in shaming a person, Paul taught compassion. This action was not to destroy a person, but to get his attention and to make him realize his Christian responsibility and repent of that sin. He stated, “Yet do not count him as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.”

Paul ended his letter by invoking grace and peace from the Lord of peace upon the Thessalonians.