Jul. 25. Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Ends

Acts 18:12-22

During the time that Paul, Silas and Timothy were in Corinth, the Jews continued to oppose their work. On one occasion they seized Paul and took him to Gallio, the proconsul. They charged that, “This fellow persuades men to worship God contrary to the law.”

Since this was a Gentile court and the Jews’ charges against Paul were related to their own law, Gallio refused to hear them. Roman officials at that time did not involve themselves with religious quarrels. This is evidence of the Lord’s promise in the vision that He would protect Paul.

At the end of Paul’s eighteen-month stay in Corinth, he departed to return to Antioch. Aquila, Priscilla, possibly Silas and probably Timothy accompanied him as far as Ephesus. After this, Silas was referred to in the Scriptures as Silvanus, his Latin name. They probably remained with the church in Ephesus to prepare for Paul’s return several months later.

Paul’s journey to Antioch included visits to Caesarea and Jerusalem. After arriving, he spent a period of time reporting on the fruits of his travels during the last three or four years.