Jul. 27. Jacob, Laban & Jacob’s Wives

Gen. 2:24; 29:1-30

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” It was God’s plan from the beginning for a man to have only ONE wife, but man had other ideas. God sometimes uses man’s mistakes to carry out His will. We will see a prime example of this in the life of Jacob.

Upon arriving at his destination, Jacob met a group of shepherds watering their sheep. Among them was Rachel, a daughter of his uncle, Laban. He fell in love with her and promised to work for Laban seven years for her. At the end of the seven years, in the darkness of the marriage feast with the bride veiled, Laban deceitfully gave him her older sister, Leah. Jacob, the deceiver of his father, Isaac had then been deceived himself.

Being confronted with his deception, Laban explained that it was not customary for the younger daughter to marry before the older. He promised Jacob that if he would fulfill Leah’s marriage week, he would give Rachel to him for a wife also. After marrying Rachel, Jacob was required to pay for her with another seven years of labor.