Jul. 28. Additional Visions of Zechariah

Zech. 5:1-6:15

Zechariah continued to see visions. The sixth in the series showed him a flying scroll that was sent as a curse against thieves and perjurers. He saw in the next vision a woman in a basket. She represented the sins of the people. A lead disc was placed to cover and seal her inside as the basket and sinful contents were carried to the land of Shinar/Babylon. That signified the removal of sinful Judah to their punishment as captives in the foreign country, Babylon.

The prophet was shown four horses pulling chariots. They represented four spirits of heaven or kingdoms sent by God, each having a duty from the Lord to execute His will. A crown of gold and silver was made and placed upon Joshua’s head. It signified the religious authority of the earthly high priest. The BRANCH represented the coming High Priest, the Messiah who had been called a Branch from the root of Jessie many years earlier by the prophet Isaiah. He would build the true spiritual temple/church of the Lord. Men could only build a physical temple.