Jul. 29. Judgments Against Philistia and Egypt

Jer. 47:1-7; 46:1-12

The Philistines were long-time adversaries of God and His people. In all of man’s intelligence, he still refuses to accept the truth that God will have the last word against evil. Jeremiah informed them that their Babylonian destructors would come from the north like a rushing water. The noise of horses and chariots would be so intense that fathers would even rush to escape and leave their children behind. God’s vengeance would be thorough as the sword of Babylon would not be sheathed until His purpose was completed.

Egypt had also been a powerful long-time adversary of God. Many centuries earlier, they had enslaved the Israelites. In later years, Judah had attempted to make alliances with them against other powers. Their dependence upon foreign powers instead of having faith in God was causing Judah many problems, but they continually refused to rely upon Him.

As God’s plan for punishing Judah began to take shape, Egypt was becoming weaker and facing struggles against Babylon. Jeremiah pointed out that Nebuchadnezzar would recapture the lands that Egypt had taken only a few years earlier. The remaining strength of Egypt and her allies would not be sufficient to withstand the fury of the Babylonians and their shame would be heard among the other nations.