Jul. 31. Dinah Raped and Revenged

Gen. 34:1-31

Hamor, prince of the country had a son, Shechem, who seeing the beauty of Jacob’s daughter, Dinah abducted and raped her. He wanted to marry her and asked his father to help get her for him.

In a meeting with Jacob and his sons, Hamor and Shechem proposed that the two extended families merge, dwell in the land together and intermarry. Jacob’s sons pointed out that they could not give their sister to anyone who was uncircumcised. Deceitfully, they agreed that Shechem could have her if all of the men of the city would be circumcised.

Hamor and Shechem agreed to the terms as set forth by the sons of Jacob. Three days later, while the men were recovering from the circumcision procedure, Simeon and Levi attacked the city with a sword and killed all of the men. They, possibly with their brothers’ help, plundered the city of its wealth and took women and children as captives.

This did not please Jacob as he feared that they would be destroyed by other inhabitants of the land. Simeon and Levi replied, “Should he treat our sister like a harlot?”