Jul. 31. General Admonitions to the Church

I Cor. 6:1-20

After having admonished the Corinthians regarding divisions and incest in the church, Paul turned to the matter of some of them going to court against their Christian brothers. He instructed them to place legal disputes before the church for judgment by the righteous instead of before heathen judges.

Christians are to be examples of peace and harmony in a world of chaos and confusion. When Christians go to civil courts to settle their differences, they deliver a message to the world that they place more trust in the unbelievers than they do in their own brethren.

Paul stated that it would be better to take a loss (even to be cheated) from a brother than to go to the unrighteous judges of that day. He even charged them with the same actions that they were accusing their brethren.

After admonishing the Corinthians about going to court, Paul repeated his previous list of sins and added others that would prevent a person from entering heaven. The additional sins were homosexuality, sodomy, and theft. Note: There are those who accuse Christians of hate when these sins are spoken against. God hates sin, but He loves the sinner. True Christians hate sin, but they also love the sinner—even when that sin is committed against them.

Paul pointed out that some of the Corinthians had been guilty of those sins, but they had been forgiven when they had obeyed the gospel and became Christians. As fruits of their repentance, they must not return to those old ways.

Even though Paul and the Corinthians had the power and ability to do many things, some of those things were not acceptable or advisable to commit. Christians are to hold to the highest levels of moral conduct and must flee from the evil temptations that are present. They are not to defile their bodies with the sins that he had mentioned earlier.

Paul reminded the Corinthians that their bodies had been bought with the price of God’s Son and therefore belonged to Him and that His Spirit resides in His temple, the bodies of Christians.