Jul. 7. “Hezekiah’s” Proverbs Continued

Prov. 27:1-28:28

Solomon continued to list a vast variety of proverbs that should be taken seriously by those who hear them. One of the greatest annoyances to God is a boastful and haughty person. “Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth. Let another man praise you and not your own mouth…” The primary sin that had led to the downfall of Israel and would eventually crush Judah was that of looking to self and false gods instead of to the true God in providing for their daily needs and protection from their enemies. Women AND men must exercise restraint when angry and expressing displeasure. Many hearts have been broken and souls placed in jeopardy by the contentious use of the tongue. Care and diligence are necessary in the cultivating of friendships as well as fulfilling one’s responsibilities at home and in his occupation.

The next series of proverbs consists of positive and negative contrasts between the wicked and the righteous. Those with wicked/guilty consciences are fearful of being found out even when no one is pursuing them. However, the righteous can face life boldly without fear. Law abiding citizens have no reason to fear the police. Neither does the one who keeps God’s commandments have a reason to dread the judgment. God hears the prayers of the righteous, but the prayers of the unrighteous are abominations to Him. The deceitful pursuit of riches and get-rich-quick schemes lead to spiritual poverty. Pride is again condemned by the writer of Proverbs. “He who trusts in his own heart is a fool…” Solomon also pointed out the necessity to aid the poor—blessings contrasted with cursings.