Jun. 10. Israel Fails to Repent

Hos. 6:1-7:16

Even in those dark and sinful times in the lives of Israel, there seemed to be a hint of repentance from them. “Come let us return to the Lord…” They stated that God would heal, bind, revive and raise them up if they would only turn and seek Him.

Hosea speaking for God lamented over the shallow nature of Israel’s repentance. He compared it to the fleeting existence of a cloud and the temporary presence of dew. Decisive actions are more important to Him than mere words.

The prophet continued to enumerate the various shortcomings of the people of Israel. He pointed out the futility of their expected actions. They were compared to an unattended hot oven, a half-baked cake and a silly dove flying aimlessly into danger. In all of their pains and confusion, they had refused to call upon God from the heart.