Jun. 11. General Instructions to Titus

Tit. 1:10-2:15

Paul pointed out that there were many, especially of the Jewish Christians who were misleading their fellow-Christians, even by lying and cheating to obtain dishonest gain. Titus was instructed to rebuke these false teachers sharply. After their appointment, the elders would be responsible for stopping and preventing these evils along with other disruptions to the peace and harmony of the church.

Those who sought to mislead had no respect for the truth. They taught man-made commandments instead of the pure word of God. Through their deceit, they professed to know God, but the fruit of their words revealed them to be evil liars.

Paul admonished Titus to speak a different doctrine than that of the Judaizing teachers. Since the Cretan church had been converted from heathenism, they needed to learn the basic principles of human relations.

As a preacher, Titus was to preach the pure word of God to all classes of people. He was to be a good example of the qualities that he preached to others. It was his duty to instruct the older men and women to set the proper examples of righteous living. They then were to teach the younger men and women to also be righteous in their lives. It is the responsibility of all to train the younger generations to serve God. As he had previously written to Timothy, Paul gave instructions for Christian servants to be honest and to respect and obey their masters.

Paul reminded Titus that all men through God’s grace are able to receive salvation if they will turn from the world, accept the blood of Christ and obey His commands. This salvation is from punishment for sins and for a home in heaven after Christ returns and judges all people. It was Titus’ responsibility to use the authority of God’s word to make these commands known to the Cretans.