Jun. 11. Imminent Punishment for Sin

Hos. 8:1-10:15

One reaps what he has sown, whether good or evil. Judgment against Israel would be swift like an eagle’s attack. In addition to their idolatry, they had formed alliances with other nations instead of depending upon God. Their calls for deliverance would be ignored, because of their evil deeds. They would become subject to the godless nation of Assyria, just as their ancestors had been subject to the godless Egyptians many centuries earlier.

Hosea continued his message of doom from the Lord against Israel. He reminded them of their adulterous relationships with the various gods of the land as they had forsaken their God who loved them and had desired their fidelity. God loves His people and is merciful toward them. However, Israel had reached the point of no return because of their wickedness.

The prophet pictured the desolation that would befall Israel. At first, they were pleasing to God like grapes in the wilderness and the firstfruits of a young fig tree. Their punishment after going after the strange gods would cause them to be like barren women unable to give life and nourishment to a child. Even at that late date, Hosea called upon Israel to repent.

Israel had a long history of cruel bondage in Egypt. Because of their rejection of God, they were on the threshold of beginning another bondage in Assyria. They would be without their own king when they became under the control of the Assyrian kingdom. Israel would reap what they had sown.