Jun. 15. Isaiah Relates His Call to Prophesy

Is. 6:1-13

At the end of King Azariah’s reign in Judah, God had called Isaiah to prophesy against Judah. He related that call in highly figurative language as a vision that he had seen. God was in His temple with the train of his robe filling the entire temple. The majesty and magnificence of God’s presence were overwhelming to the prophet as he recognized his unworthiness to view the sight before him.

In an act of purification, one of the seraphim that was present touched his lips with a hot coal and purged his sin. That action signified that his lips were clean to speak the words of the Lord.

Isaiah’s answer to God’s call: “Here am I! Send me.” That should be our answer to the call to spread the Gospel of Christ. Sow the seed; some will grow.