Jun. 16. Isaiah’s Vision/Church Prophesied

Is. 1:1-2:22

Isaiah’s vision concerned events that would occur in Judah during the reigns of Azariah/Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. He referred to Judah as Israel various times in his prophecy because Judah was a part of the original Israelite nation.

The prophet stated the condition to which Judah had allowed themselves to fall. He compared them to a person’s body that had been corrupted with open sores from the sole of its foot to its head. No attempt had been made to medicate the body with the ointment of repentance. They were also likened to the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that God had destroyed many centuries earlier.

God had instituted the type of worship that He required. Even though they had followed a form of that worship, it was from pretentious hearts and was abominable before Him. When the heart is not right, even the right form of worship becomes wrong before God.

“Come now, and let us reason together.” Isaiah appealed to the people to repent and to wash themselves clean. He pictured their sins as like scarlet and red like crimson. With their repentance and God’s forgiveness, they would become white like snow and wool. However, since Judah insisted on remaining in her rebellious condition, God would do the cleansing of them from the dross of their sin and restore them to their former righteousness.

Isaiah looked into the future and saw the Judah that God desired. He prophesied the coming of the Lord’s house, the church in the last days. All nations, Gentiles included, not just the Hebrews would be included in its fellowship. The law of that house would come from Jerusalem.

Before the future Judah could be seen, the old Judah must be cleansed of its sins. Judah’s sins were numerous. Their chief fault was in depending upon themselves and the works of their own hands. They attributed their successes to the various idols that they worshipped instead of recognizing the true source from the living God. Man may look to himself in pride for the possessions that he has, but in time, GOD WILL BE EXALTED!