Jun. 17. Isaiah’s Vision Continued

Is. 3:1-5:30

As Isaiah continued to reveal the revelation of his vision, he pictured the desolation and poverty of the once mighty and proud Judah. Even in their destruction, the righteous would eventually enjoy the fruit of their righteousness.

The prophet likened Judah to a vain woman concerned only with her appearance. In the day of their impending captivity all of that would be taken from them. They were also pictured as a fertile well-dressed vineyard that yielded only wild grapes. God had nurtured His people from the wilderness to the vineyard of Canaan. He had cleared the rocks from the ground by fighting their wars for them. Judah was yielding only bitter grapes of disobedience in return for all that God, their vine dresser had done for them.

As the owner of a vineyard destroys his unfruitful vineyard, God also promised to allow Judah to be laid waste. Isaiah enumerated a list of woes that would befall the unfaithful nation. Listed among those woes: Woe to those who follow intoxicating drink; call evil good and good evil; darkness for light and light for darkness; wise in their own sight and other woes.

God still had a plan for Judah. Eventually, there would be a Branch—the Messiah that would come to purify His people.