Jun. 18. Events Leading to the Falls of Israel and Judah

II Kin. 15:27-31; 16:1-9; II Chron. 28:1-21; Is. 7:1-9

Ahaz was a wicked king in Judah. He soon began to walk in the ways of the kings of Israel. After he had become king in Judah, Israel’s King Pekah and Syria’s King Rezin formed a coalition against Judah. They attacked Jerusalem, but were not able to defeat them.

Israel and Syria plotted to set a coalition type of king over Judah. The Lord sent Isaiah to assure Ahaz that He would be with Judah and that, “It shall not stand, Nor shall it come to pass…” However, there was a stipulation that, “If you will not believe, Surely you shall not be established.”

That would have been a great opportunity for the Judean king to call upon God to save him and his nation. However, instead of moving closer to the Lord, Ahaz separated himself farther from God. He even participated in the evil practice of burning his children as sacrifices to the Baal gods.

Israel, led by Pekah killed a vast number of their Judean brothers and took as captives two hundred thousand women and children. That act was displeasing to God. When confronted by the prophet Obed, Pekah released the captives.

Ahaz looked to his now strong neighbor, Assyria for help against Israel and Syria. He paid a great price in gold and silver from the temple of God. He also took from the treasuries of the king’s house to pay the Assyrian king for his help. Assyria did attack Damascus and killed the Syrian king, Rezin, but when the Edomites and Philistines attacked Judah, he did not assist Ahaz in that war.