Jun. 19. The First of Three Letters from John; Assurance and Comfort

I Jn. 1:1-10

Around A.D. 90 or about ten years after writing his account of the gospel, John wrote a general letter to the churches. Scholars believe he was in Ephesus at the time of this writing.

As time had passed since the establishment of the church, unbelieving Jews and men called Gnostics who had left the church were denying that Christ had even come in the flesh. Some were teaching that since the body was evil, the spirit was separate from the body. By this, one could sin as much in the body as he desired and the spirit separate from the body would not be affected. Some of the purposes of John’s letter were to encourage and strengthen the faith of his readers and to warn them of those false teachers.

He reminded his readers of the Love of God and of the importance of man loving God and his fellowman. The writer also stressed the need for Christians to lead pure lives in order to have the hope of eternal life.

John began his epistle to refute the false teachers by stating his relationship with the Word (Christ) who had been present at the beginning of time. He had heard, seen and felt the life and fellowship of the Father and His Son Jesus Christ as a fleshly man and desired that all Christians would joyfully share in that same fellowship spiritually.

God is referred to as light. John stated that one cannot claim to walk with God if he is living in the darkness of sin. A true child of God walks in fellowship with Him according to His word even though he sometimes falls. As long as one keeps his trust in the saving power of the blood of Christ, that blood continually cleanses all of those sins. This is a most reassuring and comforting thought.

Some were saying that they had committed no sin, but John replied that all men sin and that those people were liars and had even made God a liar. A person who thinks that he is above sin has denied the need for Christ’s blood and has deceived himself. A Christian who has sinned must confess his sins and repent of them through prayer and they will be forgiven.