Jun. 22. Messianic Prophesies

Is. 42:1-43:28

Isaiah is often referred to as the Messianic prophet because of the many times that he wrote regarding the Christ who would come to suffer and die to save spiritual Israel—His church. Gentiles would also be included in the new kingdom. The prophet spoke numerous times regarding God’s Servant. At times, collective Israel is His servant and at other times, the Savior is the subject of his message. Instead of carved images, the Messiah would bring forth justice and mercy to Israel. (The word Messiah is rarely used in the Scriptures. However, it is a Hebrew term defined as the Anointed One. The same word in the Greek language is Christ.) In humility and tenderness, the Messiah would do for Israel what they had been too blind and deaf to do for themselves.

Israel had turned their backs upon God and had refused to obey Him. In His anger, He used other nations to render justice in punishment of them. The prophet could foresee a time when God’s mercy would allow the Israelites to come from all directions of the earth to be restored. They had dishonored Him in many ways, even from very early times, but with their repentance and obedience, He would blot out and forget their sins.