Jun. 22. Micah’s Second Message

Mic. 3:1-5:15

There were many social injustices in the lands of Israel and Judah. Micah placed the blame for those oppressions upon the rulers of the people.

Many prophets spoke before the kings and their governors. However, the words of false prophets who spoke of peace and prosperity were more welcome than those of the prophets of God who warned of impending destruction. Because of their wicked ways, Jerusalem and the temple of the Lord would become heaps of rubble and desolation.

Since Micah and Isaiah prophesied from God during the same time to the same people, their messages were sometimes very similar. They both looked into the future and saw the Judah that God desired. Both prophesied the coming of the Lord’s house, the church in the last days. All nations, Gentiles included, not just the Hebrews would be included in its fellowship. The law of that house would come from Jerusalem.

A mother endures much pain and suffering while giving birth to her child. Likewise, God’s people would be subject to much pain and suffering before the birth of the new kingdom, the church. Part of that pain and suffering would come as captivity in Babylon many years after Micah had spoken.

Kingdoms come and go. Both Assyria and Babylon mighty at one time would be overthrown. However, from the remnant of Jacob, a new King would come from Bethlehem who would reign forever. Gentiles would also become subjects of that kingdom.