Jun. 23. Jesus Appears the Seventh Time—Third to the Apostles

Jn. 21:1-25

Jesus had previously instructed the apostles to meet Him at Galilee. Seven of them were together at the Sea of Galilee which had been renamed Tiberias in honor of Tiberias Caesar, the Roman emperor. Peter said, “I am going fishing.”

The other apostles present said, “We are going with you also.”

After fishing until morning without catching anything, the apostles were nearing the shore when a Man called to them, “Children, have you any food?”

They answered, “No.”

When the apostles followed the Stranger’s instructions to cast their nets on the right side of the boat, they caught one hundred fifty-three large fish—so many that they could not bring the net into the boat.

At this point, John recognized that the Stranger was Jesus and told Peter, “It is the Lord!”

Obedience to Christ allowed the apostles to do what they had totally failed to do on their own strength.

After the apostles had returned to shore, they found that Jesus had prepared a fish breakfast for them. He had shown by another example that His disciples are to serve one another.

Less than a year earlier, Jesus had told Peter that He would give him the keys to the kingdom of heaven. After they had eaten breakfast, they had a similar encounter.

Peter had expressed his love for Jesus different times indicating that he loved Him more than the other apostles did. He gave Peter a chance to prove his love by asking him if he loved Him more than these.

Jesus asked Peter this question three times and each time, he answered in the affirmative. He instructed Peter each time to care for His lambs and sheep. If his love was greater than that of the others, Jesus wanted him to prove it. By studying the remainder of the New Testament, one can find that Peter did indeed become a great servant of the flock.

After prophesying to Peter about the manner of his death, Jesus instructed him to, “Follow Me.”

When Peter realized what Jesus had said about his death, he asked about what would happen to John. This question could have been prompted by curiosity, jealousy or a genuine concern about the fate of a dear friend.

Whatever the motive, Peter had asked the wrong question. Jesus rebuked him and said, “You follow Me.” We should be busy working out our own salvation instead of worrying about something that we cannot control.