Jun. 23. Micah’s Final Words

Mic. 6:1-7:20

The Lord through Micah called upon the people to plead their case and defend themselves against His wrath. He reminded them of their exodus from Egypt under the leadership of Moses and of their shortcomings since that time.

Micah stated that God required His people, “But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God.” Instead, they had stored up treasures of wickedness by using short measures and deceitful weights in their dealings with their fellow man. The consequences of their actions would be dissatisfaction of their possessions and failure to benefit from their labors.

The prophet took upon himself the role of the penitent people and acknowledged their sinfulness as they waited for God’s deliverance from their enemies. They would return and rebuild their walls. He would care for them as in the days of old remembering His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to bless the nations of the earth through their seed, the Messiah.