Jun. 3. Psalms of David Concluded

Ps. 144:1-145:21

David began this psalm by recognizing God as his mighty Rock and Protector. He continued by stating God’s concern for man even though he is as fragile and temporary as a passing shadow. In today’s world, the Lord continues to be powerful and mighty, saving and protecting His people. The psalmist pledged his devotion to the Lord and continued his supplication for deliverance from the evil ones and abundant blessings for his nation. With God’s deliverance, protection and prosperity, man can bask in the beautiful state of PEACE!

This may have been the last psalm that David penned. If it is, one can see the conclusion of a life full of hardships summarized in an explosion of thanksgiving and praise to the One who had led and protected him through those perilous times. However, if David is not the author of these words, they remain a fitting tribute of praise to the God who did sustain the second king of his children. God’s greatness is beyond man’s capability to understand. The psalmist pledged to praise His name daily forever and ever. Today, thousands of years after David’s life, succeeding generations have been told of those blessings by the previous generation. Man continues to praise the God of our creation and salvation. Not only does man praise Him, but His works of creation praise the Lord and show the handiwork of His kingdom. Some may deny God, but even they are dependent upon His love and care. However, in the end, “The Lord preserves all who love Him, But all the wicked He will destroy…And all flesh shall bless His holy name Forever and ever.”