Jun. 8. Hosea Begins to Prophesy

Hos. 1:1-3:5

The prophet Hosea began to speak the words of the Lord about the same time as Jonah and Amos were speaking their prophesies. Baal worship was a wicked alternative to the worship to the Lord God. Many times in Scripture, God’s people are referred to as his bride or wife. As the people worshipped the so-called fertility god Baal, they committed spiritual adultery against their “Husband,” God.

Whether Hosea was speaking of his personal relationship with his own wife, Gomer and his children or figuratively is immaterial in the context of his prophecy of God’s dealing with His people. As wives and husbands are required to be faithful to their spouses, God expects His chosen people to respect Him as their Husband.

Israel was so steeped in idolatry that they attributed all of their harvests to their various idols instead of the true source, God. He sent Hosea to reveal His message to Israel warning of destruction if they would not return to Him from their adulterous actions of following Baal.

The Lord is a merciful God. He also sent a message of hope and redemption that would be theirs in the future after their release from captivity. Israel and Judah would be reunited under a new King (the Messiah) of the house of David.