Just A Few More Random Thoughts

Here’s a question for you: Have you ever thought about what life would be like if sneezing was considered rude, but burping caused someone to say, “bless you”? Talk about a whole new spin on allergy season!

Have you seen the amazing news story about the man in New York who caught the 7-year-old girl who fell from her 3rd story apartment? Click here if not. Steven St. Bernard, a 52-year-old bus driver and father of four said he wasn’t a hero, that’s a sandwich. Another comment about Mr. St. Bernard that caught my attention was given by his young daughter. She said that her dad was able to catch the girl because he was used to carrying her around in his arms. I don’t know everything about the man, but the video and his daughter’s comment made me smile! 🙂

I cringe when I hear about Hollywood having anything to do with a “Bible based and themed” movie; and when I read about the latest project in the works from the same director of films such as “Black Swan” and “The Wrestler” my initial reaction was the same, and it probably will stay that way. The director has his sights set on Noah and the Great Flood. With a planned release date of 2014, it should give us plenty of time to have real Bible based lessons ready to give to those who may be interested in the real biblical account of Noah and the Flood after all the junk thinking that this movie will convince people of. With the leading role actor being Russell Crowe, I have no doubt that there will be plenty of confusion to help clear up. If you want to read a synopsis of the movie from Movie Guide, here you go!

Scripture quote of the day – “But the Lord shall endure forever; He has prepared His throne for judgment. He shall judge the world in righteousness, And He shall administer judgment for the peoples in uprightness. The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A refuge in times of trouble.” (Psalm 9:7-9, NKJV)

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