Just a little (poem)

Just a little laughter
Mixed with work and play,
Makes a happy ending
To a trying day.
Just a little kindness
Scattered ‘long the way,
Always helps to brighten
Skies, though dull and gray.

Just a little smiling
When we others meet,
Changes clouds to sunshine
Makes the bitter, sweet.
Just a little lifting,
Helping here and there,
Makes so many burdens
Easier to bear.

Just a little singing
Of some cheerful song,
Makes the hours seem shorter
Though the days are long,
Just a little courage
When the battle’s on
It will make you, brother,
In the conflict, strong.

Just a word of comfort,
And a handclasp true,
Breaks the clouds of sorrow
And the sun shines through,
Just a little praying,
A little loving too,
Will put a bit of heaven
Into things you do.

—W. F. Iwan

“Thoughts For Today to Brighten Your Day” by Glenn, Mercedes and Lauren Hitchcock