When Ezekiel was carried away in the spirit and set down in the middle of a bone yard, he was told that these bones represented the spiritual state of the people. They were dry bones; not just dry, but very dry! They were bleached white in the scorching sun. The spiritual life of church members can become just as bone-dry. Too often worship begins at 11 o’clock sharp and ends at 12 o’clock dull. Like one little boy jotted on a scrap of paper – “Now I lay me down to sleep, the sermon is long and the subject deep, if he quits before I wake, please reach over and give me a shake.”  Before pointing the finger, consider one thing: The proverb says – what’s down in the well comes up in the bucket. If the love of God is not in the heart, it is not likely to surface on Sunday. The problem is not dry services, it is dry bones! This is Just-A-Minute.