The Didache, a 2nd century Christian writing, contains a list of decrees supposedly going back to the apostles themselves. Among the decrees is one that says, if a preacher asks for money, he is a false prophet! Whether this originated with the apostles or not is doubtful, however, it would certainly find application today. Never before has religion been sold like a carnival huckster’s wares on the open market. Media-ministers and electronic evangelists have hired Madison Avenue fund-raisers who orchestrate Hollywood productions of tragedy and need that will bring tears to the hardest of hearts. If they ever get your address, there is no end to the flood of requests for help. Tragically, the most susceptible are those who are themselves desperate. Wanting to believe their wild promises of wealth and happiness, widows seal their rent money in an envelope and send it on its way. This is Just-A-Minute.