During one period of bitter fighting in World War II, General Dwight Eisenhower paid a visit to a division headquarters to talk to troops who had just come back from the front for a brief rest. It had been raining and the mud was at shoe-top level. General Eisenhower stepped on to a makeshift platform & spoke a few sentences of encouragement. As he stepped down, he slipped in the mud and landed on the seat of his pants. The GI’s screeched and howled. As the division commander helped Ike to his feet, he apologized for the behavior of his men. “Forget it,” Eisenhower grinned. “The fall probably helped their moral more than the speech.” A man with this kind of spirit is truly an encourager. Everyone needs encouragement – what kind of world would this be if instead of criticism, we would offer encouragement? This is Just-A-Minute.