Maybe you have seen the TV series “Unforgettable”. It is about a policewoman investigator who has the exceptional ability to recall everything she has experienced. At first you might doubt that anyone could have such a memory. Certainly I doubted because I have a better forgetery than I do memory! But Brad Williams of La Crosse, Wisconsin has a memory that would be the envy of us all. He remembers nearly everything: names, dates, events, everything. Pick a date and time over the last 40 years and he can tell you what he was doing, where he was, who he was with, and the news of the day. He is so gifted that the University of California is studying him. He simply shrugs off the attention with “I’ve always been this way. I never had any reason to think I wasn’t like everyone else.” Well, whether I remember or not, God certainly does, unless He chooses to forget. He keeps a record of everything we do and one day we’ll be judged accordingly. This is Just A Minute.