Just a note or two before shutting down …

Just a note or two before shutting down tonight. (At this time of year, we’re four hours ahead of Central USA time.)

Our family will be traveling with friends tomorrow evening to get away for a few days. We’ll return on Wednesday. I have no idea if wifi will be available. I almost hope not. In any case, my access will be nil or limited until the middle of next week.

The WP web snow is getting cut off the 4th, so I went ahead and turned it off and switched photos. Above, a tropical beach. I won’t see this beach next week, since we’re headed inland, but millions of Brazilians are on the beach now, at least, those that didn’t have their vacation abruptly ended by rains and mudslides, mostly in Rio de Janeiro state, between us and the capital. So far, almost 70 have been confirmed dead. Please pray for relief and for those families who lost loved ones.

For those of you in colder climes, feel the warmth of the tropics. I’ve been feeling it for some weeks now.

See you Wendesday, Lord permitting, if not before.

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