Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Micah 2:1. Behold! the difference between power and authority.

Seems the exclusive publisher of what I consider the best Bible version in Brazil puts out inferior products that keep coming apart at the seams. Only a study Bible in that version has held up, and over the years I’ve used nearly a dozen copies, from paper, to hardback, to leather. Nothing holds together. I have to tell people it’s a good version, but the bindings are lousy. What a dilemma.

“And however deep the trauma of cowardice, we can experience obedience, for God never asks us to obey an order for which He does not also provide courage and strength.” — Ken Anderson, A Coward’s Guide to Witnessing, p. 17.

Our female dog started yelping after we got home this afternoon. Cold? Bug bite? Cramps? She’s still holding up her hind leg. That may mean a trip to the vet tomorrow.

Close and precious to God, this is. “Protect me as you would protect the pupil of your eye!  Hide me in the shadow of your wings!” (Psa. 17:8 NET).

Roots go in different directions. Gratuito, in Portuguese, means free, at no cost. In English, “gratuitous” is used, usually with a negative connotation, of something done or shown without any good reason, unnecessary. The English word is used most often today of television shows and movies.

This just appeared on Facebook: “Asking for prayers for Brother Will Sadler, the preacher at Keiser church of Christ, and his wife. He will be receiving a kidney transplant tomorrow from his wife.” Keiser is close to I-55 near Osceola, Ark. I don’t know them, but it seems a prayer would be in order.

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