Just hang on

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

“Oh that my request would be realized, and that God would grant me what I long for! (…) Job 6.8

Sometimes you just have to hang on. You may be going through a difficult time in your life and not fully understand why. The significance of what is happening is not apparent. During these times, you need to be careful what you pray for.

Job had a good life. Until Satan asked for permission to mess with it. Suddenly, Job’s life was turned upside down. He lost all of his children, as well as all of his material possessions. He did not know why. His friends accused him of having secret sin. His wife encouraged him to curse God. He was ridiculed and rejected. He never learned the answer to the question, “Why?”.

Job reached the point of praying to die. God did not answer this prayer with a yes. That was a good thing! For later, God would bless the second part of his life more than the first, Job 42.12. All without Job ever knowing why it happened.

So, when things turn difficult and you do not understand why, remember Job and just hang on. Know that God is in control and will fulfill his purpose, whether you understand what it is or not. Trust Him to do what is best as you do your best to serve Him remembering that heaven during eternity is the reward that you seek!

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