Keep in your prayers…

If you would, keep the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief group in your prayers. I have already heard at least one news media group on the radio refer to them and their response to help bring some relief to the people whose lives have been affected by hurricane Sandy.

Disaster Relief is a work that Keltonburg helps to support throughout the year and I have visited their facilities in Nashville personally and seen the set up…what they’ve accomplished in the past and present is impressive and worthy of praise as they strive to bring glory to God through the charity of the church during dark times in people’s lives. Untold numbers of lives have been touched through the gospel because of their work and efforts.

Here’s a link to their website. Information about the trucks that have left and the congregations they are coordinating with in the Northeast area is at the top of their “Latest News” column. Keep the workers, the truck drivers and the congregations there in your prayers.

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