Keeping a Good Attitude

How do you keep a good attitude? Sometimes that’s a problem for me when I let something get under my skin. The biggest emotion for me to overcome are lazy or “don’t care” people. That is when my irritation shows, even when I try to not let it. It’s in my voice before I realize it. How do I get over it. I just to have ask and tell myself it’s importance, then move on. I also have a problem with my own physical ailments at times. Yesterday was one of those days. I was in pain when sitting at my PC and then it became a slug. A little self talk on the importance of what I wanted to do. Told myself it wasn’t and started doing somethings to revive the speed. By the time that was accomplished it was too late to do much. I missed responding to a couple of nudge responses, but I appreciated being able to read all of your responses.

#attitude, #mindset