Keeping Kids

Believe it or not we are still getting multiple requests daily for the booklet we offered on Keeping Children Faithful. They are free.

Since I have been speaking on this and researching (since early in the year), I have tried to find out everything I could on keeping kids faithful to the Lord. Many kids leave the church and do not come back after the age of 18.

On the other hand, mainstream churches of Christ do a great job of keeping our children. The progressive left lose theirs (60%) to community churches and the extreme right usually lose theirs (60%) to the world. In the middle, we are keeping 62% and seeing the return of many (12%) after college. The notion that we must change our theology to keep our kids is absurd. (Statistics from Flavil Yeakley Jr., “Where Are the Children?” in 2009 ETSOP Lectureship Book, “Life’s Greatest Questions, p. 162).

Ken Ham’s book, “Already Gone,” notes a quite interesting observation about music:

“I have visited hundreds and hundreds of churches. Everywhere I go, music seems to be the central issue…We think if we can make it dynamic, energetic, and fit the style of the generation we’re trying to reach, the epidemic (loss of children to world) will be stopped and young people will start flooding back into the Church. That’s simply not the case. Our research showed that music is NOT a fundamental factor in young adults choosing to leave or stay at church–but the preaching of God’s Word is.” (p. 110)

“Yes, people love music, but they want good teaching!”

“Cultural forms (guitars and drums) do not make you relevant, they just make you cool. Truth makes you relevant.”

What do kids need most: teaching and training. Cosmetics don’t help; they merely cover up and sometimes make everything look phony.

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