Kevin W. Rhodes writes in his last blog …

Kevin W. Rhodes writes in his last blog post, “The Learning Curve:”

One of the more frustrating situations people can encounter when they become Christians is the feeling that they are so far behind everyone else in biblical knowledge, understanding, application, and just life itself. Whether this is accurate or not depends on a whole lot of factors—age, background, and upbringing among them—but where you are when you begin your walk with Christ does not really matter that much. Everyone must begin somewhere and sometime in order to have a relationship with God. Therefore, it is more important that you recognize the value in beginning and persevering than worrying about how much you have to learn.

His site doesn’t provide the usual page links, but you can read the rest by clicking HERE, then clicking on the link, “From Faith to Faith.” This post will be at or near the top. Worth your time.

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