This We Know

by J. Randal Matheny

Let faith not shake from false reports,
We know the truth that never fails;
The facts about Jesus fill our mind,
And satisfy the search for meaning.

The rebellious refuse to bow the knee,
Imprisoned by their prized passions;
Their doctrines open the door to sin,
Inclusive grace more clever than God’s.

Beyond the word of God is pride,
Where humble hearts from treading withhold;
The law of Christ is liberty gained
By suffering, death, and self-denial.

No mercy obtains when men remove
Divine commands and revile the Cross
By loosening the High Lord’s requirements
For faithfulness and full compliance.

This we know: The thorns of Calv’ry
Removed our sins, Christ’s mangled body
Was buried, he arose, was borne to heaven;
He lives as faithful Lord forever.

This, too, is certain: Time will end
Upon his coming, the portals of heaven
Will open wide to all who obey;
God grants salvation no other way.

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