Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all. We had a cookout this afternoon at my sister’s house, with our parents, and all our kids and grandkids. In Brazil “Workers Day” is May 1st. Do  you see a difference in emphasis between “Labor” and “Workers”?

• Polishing the Pulpit was a great experience for The Missus, The Maiden, and me. The Maiden stayed the weekend, The Missus and I, the whole week. I have something up on BNc about it.

• In great connected America, our hotel was without wifi the whole week. The events center where PTP was held couldn’t keep all 3,200 attendees connected during several days. Technology is great when it works. I actually didn’t miss being unconnected, too badly, since our days were filled with good things.

• Is the Saturday before Labor Day Walmart’s best day of the year? The Missus, The Maiden, and a DIL stayed there there for a long time …

• Temps were in the low- to mid-90s this afternoon in Arkansas. I stayed indoors in the air conditioning and and had them feed me the burgers through the door.

• Christians’ thoughts inevitably turn to their Lord with every theme, and Labor Day is no different. What a privilege to work in the kingdom of God! What a difference that saints make, through the Spirit of God, as they bring others to eternal salvation! Our service in the body of Christ is yet another sign of grace.

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