Last congregation visited

The last congregation I visited was in Lenoir City, TN. This is the place where I grew up both physically and spiritually. It’s been nearly 24 years since we left. We’ve visited from time to time over the years and still hold a deep love for the brethren there. Our last visit was this past December. I am so pleased at how the congregation has grown and in all the ways they have grown. The single thing that stands out the most to impress me is just how active those people are in doing the Lord’s work, which is second only (and likely a result of) their extreme enthusiasm — these people are on fire! The elders there have endeavored to get everyone as involved and working as possible, and they have succeeded. And the people are happy and smiling, which is inviting to the lost. As a result of their enthusiasm, attitudes, and hard work, they have grown in number. All this will holding fast to the doctrine, which is also amazing in these times when many people will only come if you water down the sermons to the point of having no convicting power. The sermons I heard from the LC pulpit were straight from the Bible — put kindly, but there could be no doubt what was being said. Someday when we retire, maybe… 🙂

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