Lawn mowing

I’ve always been self-employed in one or more ways. At about age 13, I started mowing lawns for anyone who would hire me within a couple blocks of our house. Soon I was mowing about 10 lawns a week, making tons of money, getting a good tan & exercise (all push mowing). I never expanded the business much beyond that number since I had plenty of dough & enjoyed playing golf 3 or 4 times a week with my buddies (that was back when I could shoot in the 80s and could get a youth membership for $150 a year!). Anyway, one thing I always found fascinating about lawn mowing was that I never really needed to charge a certain fee–I simply told the customers to pay me what they thought it was worth to them. In most cases, they paid me a very good rate (often more than I would have asked for!). When I got married, I gave the business to my little brother. He’s built it up to a serious business now (3 dozen or so commercial accounts & he also does “junking” (scrap metal)). I learned something else when I quit mowing all the time–all my allergy problems disappeared! Who knew? 🙂

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