Lawrence of Arabia – JAM

Y. E. Lawrence born Aug 16, 1888 in Wales was one of the heroes of WW1. His desert raiders occupied the Turkish troops and kept them from fighting the main British army in the Middle East. After the war he wrote of his exploits in The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which was later made into a movie. During the war he made numerous close friendships with the Sheiks of Arabia. When the war ended, Lawrence invited some of those closest to visit England. They were honored before the Joint House of Commons and Parliament and met the Queen. Before they returned, Lawrence asked if there was anything special that they had seen that he could get for them to take back to Arabia. They led him up to one of the bedrooms of the luxurious hotel in which they had stayed and pointed to the faucet in the bathtub. They each wanted one so when they returned to the desert, wherever they were, they could simply turn the knob and have hot and cold running water. They didn’t realize the faucets without the plumbing and water heater and waterworks system was useless. It isn’t the faucet; it is what is behind the faucet! The Lord uses you and me, but it is not about you or me. The power is not in a powerhouse preacher or dynamic teacher. It is not in technique or method. It is what is behind that counts – John 12:32.

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