Learn this before you turn 21

Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Became 21 Years of Age!
by H. Leo Boles*

20 truths and principles that teens and adolescents would still do well to learn and heed!

I Wish I Had Known

  1. What I was to make my life’s work.
  2. That my health after thirty years of age depended largely upon what I ate before reaching the age of twenty-one.
  3. How to take care of money.
  4. The commercial asset of going neatly and sensibly dressed.
  5. That habits are hard to change after twenty-one years.
  6. A harvest depends upon the seed sown.
  7. Things worthwhile require time, patience, and work.
  8. That I can’t get something for nothing.
  9. That the world will give me what I deserve.
  10. That by the sweat of my brow I must earn my bread.
  11. That a thorough education brings the best of everything.
  12. That honesty is the best policy for right.
  13. The value of truth in everything.
  14. The folly of not taking the advice of older people.
  15. What it really means to parents to rear their son.
  16. What hardships and disappointment leaving home against parent’s will brings.
  17. More of the Bible.
  18. The value of the opportunity of serving my fellow-man.
  19. That Jesus is with me always.
  20. That God’s relationship to me is as good as that of a shepherd to his sheep.

*Chapel Talk by H. Leo Boles at David Lipscomb College, Spring, 1928. Taken from A Word Fitly Spoken, by John D. Cox. Reprinted in "The Dublin Dew," Bellvue Rd. church, Dublin Ga., 2011 Mar 06.

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