Bear Valley is having their lectureship right now. ACU, if you still count them, just finished their controversial “Summit.” (I understand this is the new name for their lectureship; wonder if it’s still the “mirror of a movement”?) Roundhouse, a brotherhood event for homeschoolers, starts tomorrow. Any others?

It’s good to see events like Roundhouse and Polishing the Pulpit, that aren’t connected to schools. I for one am happy to see the influence of the universities muted among us, since so many of them drift off. Is that wrong of me?

Our good friends at East Tenn., School of Preaching and Missions celebrated their 40th anniversary last month. Congrats to them. I feel a bit of kinship to them, since it was at the Karns congregation’s mission workshop in 1975 that I decided to be a missionary. Karns oversees the school. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to go back since.

What do you know of that’s happening out there these days?

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