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The Missus and I enjoyed a day at the Tenn. Bible College Spiritual Renewal Lectures last Saturday. We enjoyed meeting many brothers and sisters there and seeing friends like Weylan Deaver and son Orrin. Weylan had a great lesson, and it’s now online. I recommend it.

• Then Sunday night The Maiden and I traveled two and a half hours to Knoxville for the lectureship at the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies. She wanted to get there early enough the next morning to hear David Shannon, whom she hears every Sunday at the Mt. Juliet TN congregation. We enjoyed the lectures and meeting new friends, among them a number of folk we know through the Internet.

• Jody and Evelyn Apple were our gracious hosts at Karns. Jody works with SEIBS. A bit of news was shared Monday night about Jody’s future work with the International Gospel Hour.

• We were also privileged to meet George and Joy Jensen in person. We followed their work in Tanzania. They’re now in Kentucky.

• A first in the history of BNc: four obituaries in a single day. They didn’t all pass away yesterday, but the stories all came together from God’s servants who have died recently: Jane McWhorter, Perry Cotham, Basil Overton, and Kyle Allen. Foy Forehand is preparing yet another obituary, of Wilson Wallace, son of Foy Wallace.

• Though our elderly saints pass on to their reward most every day, the deaths of these beloved saints within a short period highlight that the torch does pass from one generation to the next. I saw godly brothers and sisters at the recent lectureships, and I know a host more of them, who will faithfully carry on the work of the kingdom. Of course, there is always a shortage of workers in the Lord’s vineyard, and we ought to pray that he send us more.

• The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to stay away from home for extended periods of time. As much as we love our children and coddle the grandchildren, we still feel the rigors of change in weather, food, time zones, schedule, and other differences that leave a body groggy. Comes with the territory, so they say. But we have to make an effort not to get grouchy, do we not?

• Thoughts during a study of Paul’s letter to the Galatians, by way of application. In this letter Paul defends his apostleship, because his enemies attempt to undercut his message by attacking him. So it is today. To sweep away the truth in order to introduce error, people attack the messenger.

• A ladies’ Bible study class is considering options for their next subject, using study books as the basis for their discussions. The Missus heard about it and suggested they look at my book, Choose!. She’s my best advocate!

• I may have mentioned it already, but the Monday we left Brazil, I had heat rash. I’m about to get frost bite or snow burn. And they tell us that, before too many years, supersonic passenger airplanes will take us across the world in three or four hours rather than ten or twelve. But methinks I’d run the greater risk going from rash to burn if we could sit fewer hours in an airplane seat. How about you?

• Snow falls heavy now near Nashville TN. I’d forgotten its beauty. In a tropical climate one misses the change of the seasons, the quiet danger of snow, the richness of autumn leaves, the lively green of spring. We live just inside the Tropic of Capricorn, where the year is but mutating shades of green, from dull to tender and back again.

• “Be strong and confident, all you who wait on the Lord!” Psa 31.24 NET. No better time to embrace such words than ours, when fearmongers cry in the streets. What a gospel is ours!

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