Lesson from shelled peas

Summertime is here and it is time to freeze vegetables. I was washing little white peas earlier last week and couldn’t help but think of the Judgement Day. I thought of the peas as people who will be gathered on the day of judgment.

Just as the peas were all on one side of the sink, I thought of how every person will be gathered in one place on the Judgement Day. We will all be standing in front of the greatest judge ever. Everyone will be there.

The peas had all colors in them. There were light and dark peas, good and bad. On the Judgement Day all kinds of people will be there. No one will be able to skip out on attending this great day.

The peas were covering the bottom of the sink. Some were underneath others but with a little stirring on my part, all were visible. All people will be visible on the day of judgement. There will be no hiding behind the rocks on that day.

Each pea stood for itself. I looked them over and decided if they were good enough to be saved. On the Judgement Day the books of life will be opened and every person will be inspected (judged) by the great Judge according to the way they have lived and performed on earth. 

As I worked in the peas I divided the good peas from the bad. The good peas I put on one side and the bad on the trash side. The Great Judge will be dividing the people on the Judgement Day. He will separate the sheep (good people) from the goats (evil people).

Trash will be weeded out on that day. Just as I weeded out the trash from the peas, our Lord will make sure there are no mistakes made on that great day. He is an honest and good judge and will make no mistakes.

Only the best peas were saved. On the day of Judgement only those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb and who have grown as they should in words and deeds will saved.