Lessons from the squirrels

Many know of my dealings with the squirrels in our yard. On my Facebook page is a picture album, with story, of our squirrels. Today I watched them flitting about in our yard and asked, “What lesson can we, as Christians, learn from the squirrels?”

  1. Persistence – Squirrels are persistent. They stick with the task they are working on until it is done. For instance, they ate every pear off our tree this year. Sadly, the five pears were the first it had ever produced. I could almost taste them, but it wasn’t to be because the squirrels got them first. The same is true with our pecan tree that had lots of pecans on it this year They got in our raised turnip bed and dug holes. We have run them away countless times only to see them returning because of their persistence to get what they wanted and do their job. As Christians, we are to be faithful in our worship and service to the Lord.
  2. Playfulness – Squirrels always seem to be having so much fun. They dash about and chase each other, climb trees and sail from one limb to another. You never see a squirrel having a “pity-party.” They get plenty of exercise to  keep them healthy. They walk, run, and jump. As Christians, we are to take care of our bodies which are the temple of God. We are to exercise our bodies unto Godliness.
  3. Preparation – Squirrels work in the fall to gather nuts and bury them for the lean winter months ahead. They run about sniffing the ground and then start digging, burying their find. They prepare their nests to house their babies. A squirrel in our yard went up a tree and stripped the bark off a limb. He shredded it and then came down the tree head first with his work which was almost as long as he, and took it to make his nest. They prepare ahead and don’t wait until the last-minute. They are early to bed and early to rise. They get up early to rob the bird feeder before the birds arrive and before we get up and run them off. As Christians, we are to prepare for eternity and the great judgment day.
  4. Protection – Squirrels are protective. They search for the very best place possible to build their nest. They worked diligently to get into our attic by cutting a hole in the beautiful round wood vent on the front of our house. We were alarmed to hear them setting up house in the attic right above our bed. They want to protect their young. As Christians, we are to be protective of the Word of God that nothing is added to it or taken away. We are to be protective of our homes and what goes on in it and what is taught.
  5. Peacefulness – Squirrels work side by side with the birds, chipmunks, cats and dogs. If at all possible, as Christians, we are to live peaceably with all men.
  6. Production – Squirrels produce more squirrels. As Christians we are to teach others, producing more Christians.