Let’s Take A Spiritual Inventory

The following was  used  by Larry Smith in his  message at Cherry Street Church of Christ on March 10, 2013


1.  Are you personally committed to serving Jesus Christ as Lord?

2.  Have you been baptized by immersion?

3.  Do you boldly share your testimony with others?

4.  Have you ever brought or won someone to Christ?

5.  If each member attended as many services as I do, how often would the  building be closed?

6.  If each member reached the services the same time as I do, how many would  be  late for worship?

7.  If each one attended Bible study as I do, how many would be there?

8.  If each one studied the Bible as I do, how much study would there be?

9.  If each one prayed as I do, how much praying would there be?

10.  If each member gave as I do, how much would the contribution be?

11.  If each member sacrificed just like I do, how much sacrificing would there be?

12.  If each person visited the sick as I do, how many of the sick would be visited?

13.  If each one ministered to orphans as I do, how many orphans would be cared  for?

14.  If each member invited others to the services like I do, how many guests would attend?

15.  If each person stayed at home with company like I do, how many would attend  the worship?

16.  If each member tried to lead lost souls to Christ as hard as I do, how many would be reached?

17.  If each member complained as much as I do, how much complaining would there be?

18.  If each person worked as I do, how much work would be done?

19.  If each person gave as many excuses as I do, who would do the Lord’s work?

20.  If each member put the Kingdom of God first just as I do, what would be the condition of the church?

21.  If each person loved unity as I do, how much division would there be?


 How did you score? 


Can you honestly say you are putting the Kingdom of God First?