Letter to editor

A letter I sent in today. Let me encourage you to keep your letter to the editor ongoing.

The idea of being a racist and being called a Christian are terms that only a delusional person can think to be compatible. It fails miserably in the sight of Matthew 7:12, otherwise known as the “golden rule.” However, let not your thinking on the golden rule delude YOU into thinking that merely because you have a standard way of thinking about what is right and what is not that that is necessarily correct. The golden rule is God-ordained, and not man-ordained.

The other day I read of a “LaPorte Church of Christ” minister in Colorado having passed away. If the reports are correct about this man’s actions, it is a pitiful commentary on those associated with the Lord’s church. “A LaPorte pastor dubbed a leading ‘anti-Jewish, anti-minority and anti-gay propagandist’ by the Anti-Defamation League has died” (http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20110714/ ). One thing is for sure, the “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL) is the last place I would go for any kind of guidance when it comes to propriety of behaviors.

Regardless of how I view the ADL, it does say something that needs to be considered. When a person uses the prefix “anti” it is apparent that one is against that something to which the prefix is affixed (if you will). We might ask why is it that someone is against Jews, minorities, and/or gays? Moreover, in what way and why is that person against these people?

If the standard to be used is man’s own standard, then that one who applies his own standard is no better than the one to whom he is against; in fact, he might be worse! God is not against Jews (as people); He is not against minorities (as people) and neither is He against gays (as people). He is against behaviors that are contrary to His will regardless of ethnicity.

God’s standard of behavior can’t be improved upon by any man living today, or who will live. This is seen in what we know to be the golden rule, and it was lived in the person of Jesus Christ – to whom all will stand and give an account.

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