Letter to Editors

I am of the opinion that letters to the editor are a great venue to propagate the Lord’s message. It may be that your letter will not get in the local paper, but don’t let that stop you. Be sure, when you write, that you are not harsh or disparaging. Be firm and sure of yourself, and be prepared for responses (sometimes harsh). Since we have lived in Idaho, I have taken advantage of this community service by the local newspaper. Many times I have not been printed, but I still press on. Recently, I submitted a letter to the editor, and the local UMC preacher replied. Here is my reply to him. Perhaps you will find it interesting.

Letter to editor,

I was grateful to see that our local UMC preacher replied to my previous letter to the editor. I was grateful because he attempted an explanation to the news report on the document that 33 retired UMC Bishops proffered. However, it appears that he failed to take notice of the fact that I referenced a newspaper report; thus, he mistakenly attributed to me the characteristic of “espousing many things about which I know very little.” I don’t mind when people attribute to me such things, but I would expect an example of my failing rather than a mere assertion. From our local preacher, we have received an assertion. I will not follow his mistake.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to learn from Mr. Renner as to who actually authorized the apostles to speak; does he think they spoke on their own authority or by the authority of one greater than them? I will answer this for him; it was Jesus who authorized Paul to speak what he spoke, thus what Paul spoke was actually the words of Jesus (cf. Romans 15:18; 1 Corinthians 14:37). Since it was the Lord Jesus, then the mistaken notion that, “…surely my brother-in-Christ is aware that the Bible has no statements attributed to Jesus on the topic of homosexuality” can be summarily dismissed.

Mr. Renner’s attempt to explicate the meaning of the Lord’s words is unfortunate. When the Lord said to the religious leaders that He desired mercy not sacrifice, He said these words against those who would set up man-made barriers to one’s approach to God (Matthew 9:9-13; Hosea 6:4-6). So the unfortunate rendering offered to us, “I am after mercy not religion” is very misleading. Perhaps the UMC minister should read the actual context of Hosea and see how the Lord applied it to those to whom He spoke.

Ron Thomas
Preacher, Highway church of Christ

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